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The Best USA Betting Sites

Congratulations are in order! By landing on this page – and not immediately leaving – you have already taken the first step in becoming a smarter, savvier NFL bettor. On this page, we’ll do the following: 

• provide you with a list of the best online sportsbooks for betting on the NFL • explain how to search for an NFL betting site that bolsters your wagering experience

First up, our heavily scrutinized list of NFL betting sites. We’ve narrowed down the best NFL betting sites from vast expanse of the internet, scored them for traits like bonuses, usability, and reliability, and then distilled the findings into one overall number/ranking.


Overall rating:

Deposit Bonus: Up to £30 Free Bet

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William Hill

Overall rating:

Deposit Bonus: Bet £10 and get £30 in free bets

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Bet Online

Overall rating:

Deposit Bonus: UP to $2500

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William Hill
Bet Online
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Best Rated US Betting Websites

Sports gambling is evolving rapidly in the United States. Your options as a bettor depend on what's available in your market and where you live. There is only 1 option for the majority of American sports now. An off-shore sportsbook that takes US customers is being used by that. This is particularly true if you want to bet on your mobile phone. These sportsbooks have demonstrated track records of paying out commissions and managing deposits and are working for up of 20 + years.
What we have discovered during our testimonials and creating bets is that a few websites come and go, but a core set of gambling sites has been operating for a period with a superb track record.
The Finest U.S. sports betting websites online are:

  • Bovada
  • BetOnline
  • Xbet
  • GTbets

Each of these sites has offered US bettors that the maximum quality. They take customers from the states and have track records of financial reliability and audio safety. They provide both desktop versions and mobile sites for the platform. What's more, they have had time to fine-tune their server servers so that they can offer a modern web platform to lay wagers on to bettors that are stateside. With these publications, you won't need to hit the refresh button constantly wait for pages to load. You'll be in a position to act on lines that are enticing fast, easily, and economically.


There Are Two Types of Sports Betting

Two Different Kinds of sports betting are available to Americans, and they have their own framework:
  • Sports gambling within the US, both at casinos, racetracks, or government authorized websites.
  • This was banned nearly anywhere in the US other than Nevada before the Supreme Court decision in NCAA vs Murphy (April 2018), that ruled that the prohibition on sports gambling contained in the skilled and Amateur Sports Protection Act [PASPA] was unconstitutional.
  • After the Murphy decision, each nation is free to legalize sports and we are closely monitoring the status of sports gambling in each state on this page.
  • Sports hosted outside the USA.
  • This is by far the more popular sort of sports and, as such, is the principal focus of this article.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in the US?

Betting at offshore sportsbooks is often described as"illegal" or called a"legal gray area," but it is really not. It does not seem to be to place wagers at such websites unless your state laws make it illegal to use an offshore website.
At the time of writing, the following countries had prohibitions on sports

  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • South Dakota
  • Utah

The majority of states do not prohibit betting at sportsbooks that are offshore and, consequently, the huge majority of Americans use their sports wagers to be made by such websites. It is estimated that 12 - 15 million Americans were busy sports bettors in 2017.
There are federal laws in place that prohibit:

  1. Offshore betting sites from offering their services to American citizens (see the Wire Act), and
  2. From types of transactions and offshore gambling sites Financial institutions.

But the framework created by the Wire Act and UIGEA will not mean it is illegal for Americans to use online sites. As Las Vegas lawyer Barry Lieberman said in 2007, "Bettors who are recreational and not in the company of wagering probably don't have to worry about Wire Act offenses"
In a way, online betting is somewhat like underage smoking (but not as hard in your own lungs ). In the US, it is illegal for anyone to sell cigarettes to minors, however, broadly speaking, it isn't illegal for minors to smoke cigarettes, just like it is not illegal for (many ) Americans to use an online sportsbook.
The final result is that, as long as you use a reputable sportsbook using a good track record of safeguarding user funds and providing timely payouts (just two of the most significant factors we consider when rating and recommending online gambling sites), your bankroll should be safe. No individual American has been prosecuted for funding, using, or trying to finance an account for an offshore sportsbook,'' according to a November 2017 article by Allen Moody.
Nevertheless, the national laws in place at the moment do have a practical effect on the ability of Americans to use online sportsbooks, particularly in regards to depositing and withdrawing money.
The following section explains what you need to know before you sign up so you aren't taken by surprise.


The Wire Act and UIGEA's effect is that Americans have options when it comes to making withdrawals and deposits while Americans should not worry about being prosecuted for betting at an internet sportsbook.
Which choices are available depends on what site you are currently using.The websites, themselves, and All our testimonials details the available deposit and withdrawal options at that website, will offer this advice before you sign up Help, or Getting Started section.
Here is what you can generally expect, without getting bogged down in the details.

Deposits Alternatives for US Bettors

Most-common Less-common Unavailable
Visa American Express PayPal
Master Card Person to Person wire transferApple Pay
Bitcoin Money Order Google Purchase /
Visa gift cards Cashier's Check -
Prepaid Credit Cards NetTeller -

Withdrawals Alternatives for US Bettors

Most-common Less-common Unavailable
Check Wire Transfer PayPal
Bitcoin Skrill Apple Pay
- NetTeller Google Pay
- Money Order -

Cost fluctuations notwithstanding, our specialist view is that Bitcoin tends to be the best deposit and withdrawal option as

  1. It does not need sensitive information to be transmitted on the web;
  2. It lends itself to secure transactions;
  3. It helps for deposits and deposits; and
  4. Many USA betting sites offer bonuses that are generous Bitcoin-specific.

If you're unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency, read our guide to sports.

Signing Up

If at this point you feel comfortable that your online gaming actions won't land you in any legal problem (which you should), then you could be ready to sign up for your very first sportsbook account.The variables when choosing the best site range beyond withdrawal and deposit options, obviously, you will want to consider; our research suggests that the five factors behind US bettors are:

  1. safe transactions
  2. trustworthy reputation
  3. Free, easy, & quick transactions
  4. lucrative/generous bonuses
  5. Wide choice of sports

Compare and contrast, do your research the benefits of each site, then join the 15 countless other Americans that are in on the action!