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TOP Sites for NHL Betting

Congratulations are in order! By landing on this page – and not immediately leaving – you have already taken the first step in becoming a smarter, savvier NFL bettor. On this page, we’ll do the following: 

• provide you with a list of the best online sportsbooks for betting on the NFL • explain how to search for an NFL betting site that bolsters your wagering experience

First up, our heavily scrutinized list of NFL betting sites. We’ve narrowed down the best NFL betting sites from vast expanse of the internet, scored them for traits like bonuses, usability, and reliability, and then distilled the findings into one overall number/ranking.


Overall rating:

Deposit Bonus: Up to £30 Free Bet

Terms & conditions apply

Read review

William Hill

Overall rating:

Deposit Bonus: Available

Terms & conditions apply

Read review

Bet Online

Overall rating:

Deposit Bonus: UP to $2500

Terms & conditions apply

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Overall rating:

Terms & conditions apply

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Overall rating:

Deposit Bonus: Bet $10 to Get $30

Terms & conditions apply

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William Hill
Bet Online
See all TOP Sports Betting sites

NHL Betting Sites

Irrespective of experience level, all bettors have a few expectations for a fantastic online hockey experience: favorable chances, a wide variety of betting options, safe and efficient transactions, and customer support.
SBT has developed specific standards to evaluate NHL betting sites, but we approach each one with the Exact Same crucial question:
Would we recommend this website to close friend or a family member?
If it comes to the internet hockey the response to that question is an emphatic yes.'
Here are only a couple of the regions in which these'novels have a leg up over the contest.

You Can Start Betting Instantly

Hockey is frequently known as the'fastest game on earth,' and by nature, its fan base is not as individual as that of some other major sports (believe...baseball). Hockey bettors are currently looking for a website that may get them in on the action right away.
Regrettably, some gambling sites have lengthier registration and deposit processes that can test your patience over the Vancouver Canucks or Buffalo Sabres (who have now played 49 NHL seasons without taking home the Cup).
The dedication to fast service shared by the sites listed here ensures you'll be betting on hockey in no time, although using deposit methods will get you betting quicker.

Some NHL Betting Sites Offer Better Bonuses

Everyone enjoys a little recognition for their efforts. Sportsbooks offer incentives for bettors in the kind of bonuses, but conditions and the terms of those offers vary.
Choosing the best bonus comes down to personal taste, but the hockey betting sites that made our listing all provide attractive fewer limitations on odds terms with low rollover requirements, and time limits to bonus withdrawals.
In essence, they offer bonuses you can actually use.

They Offer a Wide Variety of Betting Options

Having many different lines to pick from provides both a more pleasing and potentially rewarding experience for NHL bettors. When some sites only offer baseball gambling on the Moneyline, puck line (disperse ), and the total score (over/under), you'll want to register for one that allows you to benefit from a much wider selection of alternatives.
Hockey is to prop bets thanks to its fast speed and action. At a minimum, angles should be offered by an NHL site such as which team will score first, the number of goals will be scored in the first period, whether the team that scores first will go to win, and so on.
The options here are infinite at the websites: some provide close to 100 prop bets on each and every game.

They Provide Solid Live Betting Options

In-game betting has grown in recent years, allowing enthusiasts to place wagers as they unfold in real-time. Few would disagree that dwell gambling has made watching hockey and other sports more exciting and engaging.
You can continue to bet during the game on the Moneyline, puck line, and score, with chances that are adjusted as the outcomes, become more predictable. However, the most participating NHL will offer a wider variety of exceptional wagers that are in-game based upon the game's progression. Think: who will score another aim? Can Patrick Kane sink a third and seal the hat trick?
The key point to remember with dwell NHL gambling is that most sportsbooks will take a bigger cut (widely known as the'juice' or'vig') when they do on regular wagers put before the puck drops, and we consider this disparity when scoring the live gambling experience of an internet sportsbook.
The websites included on this top ten list offer choices for baseball bets.

Seamless Mobile Betting Expertise

Let us face it. We take them and rely on their assistance to test off crucial daily activities.
As amusement suppliers, we also value our cellular device Obviously, and mobile sports betting is one of the most exciting ways to play with your mobile phone.
The cellular user experience varies considerably between different sportsbooks, but we're convinced that those we've selected each offer wagering that simple and easy as betting from the desktop computer.
The sites contained have seen the writing and dedicated considerable resources to developing.

These Betting Sites Are Fast and Safe to Pay Out

People bet to have fun and make money, and it's impossible if you are not wagering using a respectable and secure website to do either one.
Quite simply, all of the websites are 100% safe and secure. They'll guard your identity and information and will be quick to pay winnings out when you create a solid selection.

They Offer Superior Customer Services

SBT will always be here to answer your overall sports betting questions and supply advice. However, what if there is an issue or you're confused about the terms and conditions attached to a promotion?
Good customer support is the only thing which can place them right, when things go wrong.
You can be confident that you'll be given a timely reply if for whatever reason you need to reach out to any of the NHL gambling sites within this listing.

Ready to Start Betting on Hockey?

Make sure you brush up on the sport-specific advice available in our extensive guide to betting on hockey, As soon as you've made your initial deposit at one of those hockey betting sites out of our top ten list.
Check out our ten online sites that are betting if you're looking to bet on other sports.