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The Best NFL Betting Sites

Congratulations are in order! By landing on this page – and not immediately leaving – you have already taken the first step in becoming a smarter, savvier NFL bettor. On this page, we’ll do the following: 

• provide you with a list of the best online sportsbooks for betting on the NFL • explain how to search for an NFL betting site that bolsters your wagering experience

First up, our heavily scrutinized list of NFL betting sites. We’ve narrowed down the best NFL betting sites from vast expanse of the internet, scored them for traits like bonuses, usability, and reliability, and then distilled the findings into one overall number/ranking.


Overall rating:

Deposit Bonus: Up to £30 Free Bet

Terms & conditions apply

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William Hill

Overall rating:

Deposit Bonus: Available

Terms & conditions apply

Read review

Bet Online

Overall rating:

Deposit Bonus: UP to $2500

Terms & conditions apply

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Overall rating:

Terms & conditions apply

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Overall rating:

Deposit Bonus: Bet $10 to Get $30

Terms & conditions apply

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William Hill
Bet Online
See all TOP Sports Betting sites

Top Football Betting Sites

  • Bovada - A favorite among NFL sports bettors.
  • BetOnline - Enormous maximum stakes and deposit limitations for games.
  • SportsBetting.ag - Excellent NFL site that places early lines.
  • MyBookie.ag - A more recent soccer betting site with good bonuses.
  • BetNow - Particular football bonuses promos for the season.

Best NFL Betting Site Selection

Bettors all are searching betting a wide variety of options odds, site, and most importantly, reliable and fast customer support.
Overall, SBT's evaluation criteria are very particular, but we always have exactly the same question in mind:
Can we recommend this website to a family member or friend?
The online sportsbooks on this list For each, the answer to this question is a resounding'yes'
Let's take a look at the particulars that earn these five websites our vote within the competition.

How Fast You Can Place a Bet

If you have landed on this page, there's a good chance you're ready to put a bet on an NFL game right now. However, some sportsbooks have deposit processes and more lengthy registration that is welcoming for new clients.
Though the deposit method you use can affect the speed at which your sportsbook releases the money for wagering, the NFL gambling websites included on this list go to great lengths to get you gambling as swiftly as possible.
When the odds opened with the Seahawks as a favorite over the Patriots, think back to Super Bowl 49. Within hours, a flurry of betting activity reversed the line.
Imagine the frustration you would have experienced as a Patriots bettor unable to finish the deposit and registration process in time to choose the Pats within an underdog. The Patriots went on to win the match, and bettors that were able to take them as an underdog profited significantly more.

How Early the Odds are Posted

Experienced bettors invest a whole lot of time on study, and they like to keep ahead of the curve. Particularly in regards to betting on soccer, there are advantages to getting in on the action.
Oddsmakers correct the line to attract action that is equal on both sides, which means that the odds posted are the most accurate reflection of the probable outcome of a match. There's a good reason to lay your money on the table sooner rather than later unless your strategy is to bet against the public
The NFL market is considered the hardest because it has the maximum variety of professionals adjusting and setting the chances, to beat. This implies that (a) the traces are usually sharper at the beginning and (b) any flawed lines are quickly corrected. The longer you give adjustments to be made by the experts, the harder it'll be to out-wit them.
While the first-mover advantage is the most important when evaluating Super Bowl chances or alternative futures bets, in addition, it applies to the Moneyline and points spread.
Most gambling sites worth their rally will post NFL betting odds at least one week in advance, on the Sunday prior to the game in question. This also applies to Monday and Thursday night matches.
Have a look at our guide if you need help interpreting the numbers that you see.

Betting Options Available's Variety

There are a number of approaches. From standard point spreads and over/under to obscure prop bets and futures variety is the spice of life when it has to do with an enjoyable and profitable football betting experience.
Any financial advisor would tell you that diversity is the key to a strong investment portfolio, and the exact same is true if you would like to deal with sports betting like an investment. The more traces a book posts on a single game, the greater opportunity there is to find worth.
Oddsmakers are human beings who can give attention at one time to lines. Locating a book that offers'secondary lines' is valuable for this reason.

Powerful Live Betting Options

In-game betting is an excellent way to develop your bankroll to watching the game at 25 and put in a dash of excitement.
Because they are so engaging, in-game bets have become popular in the last few years, and the majority of all NFL betting websites now offer live gambling options. There are a number of circumstances in which it makes more sense to bet during the game instead of before.
Betting on a coach versus a weak coach's skills is one instance. Superior training skills arguably thing more in the second half, when every team has to make adjustments to exploit the vulnerabilities which have grown on the opposite side throughout the course of the match.
Consider the 2017 AFC Championship, when Bill Belichick and the Patriots came back to overcome Doug Marrone's Jaguars. It's true that you could have taken the Patriots days before kickoff, but imagine the delight of putting a last-minute bet on them only moments before the driveway that enabled them to overcome a ten-point deficit in the fourth quarter. Entertainment at its finest.
The top sites contained on this list provide a vast array of bets through the game, upgrade the odds frequently throughout, and do not have an outrageous cut live bets.

Easy Mobile Betting

9 out of 10 people reading this article are doing so on a mobile phone or tablet computer. After all, we're constantly glued to our smartphones, taking advantage of their capacity to do anything on the move, from paying bills to betting on NFL games.
NFL betting websites vary If it comes to their performance on cellular phones. Rest assured that the ones included on this listing will provide a user-friendly gaming experience if you're sitting in front of your pc or wagering from your iPhone at a crowded sports bar.

Secure and Efficient Withdrawals

This goes without saying, but each site on this list has a superb reputation for protecting the identities of customers and ensuring timely payouts when you choose to create a withdrawal.
No longer having to deal with a shady bookie is one of the greatest things about the age of online sports gambling. We've made sure the sites we advocate will always treat you fairly, whatever the numbers you wager or your record of success.

Responsive Customer Support

Betting on the NFL is one of just two items: an investment or amusement. You expect outstanding customer service when dealing with your lender or dining at a nearby restaurant, and our expectations are not any different when evaluating online gambling sites.
Occasionally things go awry with obligations. Sometimes you have a query about terms and conditions. Regardless of what, you can expect a timely response from a real person when reaching out to the customer support sections of the websites we recommend.

Looking for the Best Betting Websites for Sports?

Sport Bet Time evaluates the top betting sites for all significant sports, in addition to formulating a comprehensive collection of the top ten sports betting sites overall.
Find out more about our review process and criteria and find the very best online betting sites here.