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Philadelphia 76ERS vs Atlanta Hawks: Are there any chances for the hawks?

On January 31, Atlanta will try to somehow impose the struggle of Philadelphia, and we offer a prediction for this confrontation. Easy favorite victory?

Philadelphia 76ERS

“Fila” boasts that it has reached a new level and has begun to gradually recover lost places. Joel Embidd returned to the parquet, and with it stability and confidence.
Wards Brett Brown issued two victories in a row and step on the heels of the “Boston”. In the first game, the Sixers defeated the Western leader, the Lakers (108-91), and then declassified the Golden State (115-104). In a word, the situation has improved significantly.
The Philadelphia players are well aware that the next meeting against Atlanta should end in their favor because the hawks are far from their optimal shape and the guests need to use this chance.

Atlanta Hawks

“Hawks” resigned to their status as an outsider of the Eastern Conference, so they are hardly particularly worried about the latest results. On the other hand, the head coach is trying to play different tactics, although the infirmary is crowded and you will hardly be able to get over such problems.
In a previous meeting, Atlanta was visiting Canada, where it lost to the current champion Toronto (114-130). The opponent was always one step ahead, although John Collins tickled the nerves of the Raptors defense because he managed to score 28 points.
Lloyd Pierce's wards are no longer hoping for a miracle, however, the fact that the team does not bury itself, but continues to demonstrate spectacular basketball, is encouraging.

Teams statistics

  • Over the last five personal games, Atlanta won three times.
  • On account of “Philadelphia” nine away victories.
  • “Hawks” do not lose in their native walls for two fights.

Philadelphia 76ERS vs Atlanta Hawks Head to Head

Date Comp Home Score Away
2019-10-28 Nba - Pre-Season Atlanta Hawks 103-105 Philadelphia 76ers
2019-04-03 Nba - Pre-Season Atlanta Hawks 130-122 Philadelphia 76ers
2019-03-23 Nba - Pre-Season Atlanta Hawks 129-127 Philadelphia 76ers
2019-01-12 Nba - Pre-Season Philadelphia 76ers 121-123 Atlanta Hawks
2018-10-29 Nba - Pre-Season Philadelphia 76ers 113-92 Atlanta Hawks
2018-04-10 Nba - Pre-Season Atlanta Hawks 113-121 Philadelphia 76ers
2018-03-30 Nba - Pre-Season Atlanta Hawks 91-101 Philadelphia 76ers
2017-11-01 Nba - Pre-Season Philadelphia 76ers 119-109 Atlanta Hawks
2017-03-29 Nba - Pre-Season Philadelphia 76ers 92-99 Atlanta Hawks
2017-01-22 Nba - Pre-Season Atlanta Hawks 110-93 Philadelphia 76ers
2016-11-13 Nba - Pre-Season Atlanta Hawks 117-96 Philadelphia 76ers
2016-10-29 Nba - Pre-Season Philadelphia 76ers 72-104 Atlanta Hawks

Philadelphia 76ERS vs Atlanta Prediction

To be honest, it will be difficult for Atlanta to show a decent game even on the home site because six players are in the infirmary. “Philadelphia”, on the contrary, has gained form and is ready to fight for the victory, all the more there are no problems with the roster. In a word, we offer a bet on the confident Victoria “Mixers”.

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