26 Sep

What are Dual Lines? Learn a Tactic Sportsbooks Use to Stifle Sharp Bettors

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  • Some sportsbooks offer different odds to “sharp” bettors and “public” bettors
  • This practice is known as posting “dual lines”
  • There are both advantages and drawbacks, depending on how you like to bet

If you are either a very skilled or a very lucky sports bettor, you may have noticed the following phenomenon when you visit your sportsbook of choice.

When you first navigate to the site and have yet to sign in, you see a certain set of odds. But after you sign in, you see a slightly different set of odds, one that is offering less value on underdogs.

If this has happened to you, you are well beyond our Betting 101 article series. If this is not something you’ve experienced, keep reading to learn more about dual lines, including why sportsbooks post dual lines and what practical effects the practice has for everyday bettors.

What Are Dual Lines?

The phrase “dual lines” is just a fancy way of saying “two sets of odds.”  Some sportsbooks employ the practice of posting dual lines in order to protect themselves against sharp bettors.

If the public sees the following set of odds:

Public’s Version of a Dual Betting Line

Team Moneyline Spread
Duke Blue Devils -2200 -17.5 (-110)
Nobody State Dung Beetles +1000 +17.5 (-110)

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