26 Sep

The Top 5 Sports Betting Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Today

Instagram has become uber-popular with high-profile sports bettors, and for good reason. Instagram is the perfect medium for posting glamorous pictures of the biggest events and fattest stacks of cash, which is what every aspiring gambler dreams about.

You won’t find a lot of hardcore analytics experts on Instagram, but you will find a litany of amusing sports betting accounts. As long as you remember not to take what they say as gospel, they can be an entertaining addition to your own sports betting lifestyle.

5. @KellyInVegas a.k.a. Kelly Stewart

With over 11,000 followers, Kelly Stewart’s brand is still growing. With the way she has paired her glamorous Sin City sports betting lifestyle with an entertaining Instagram account, it’s sure to keep trending up.

Stewart first gained popularity after hitting a longshot, three-team NFL parlay circa 2013. When photos and videos of her started circulating thereafter, the public became intensely interested in this objectively attractive woman with a sports betting acumen.

Why? Let’s just say “objectively attractive woman” isn’t the most common descriptor of a successful sports bettor.

Stewart makes no bones about using her sex appeal to reel in followers, but she also seems to recognize that a shiny veneer will only get you so far.

From football to baseball to basketball, she can talk Xs and Os, and she puts obvious time and effort into her picks and plays.

4. @lockitinonfs1

“Lock It In” is the first cable TV show dedicated to sports betting, and it’s created an Instagram account to go with its picks-based programming. It only has 6,000 followers so far, but that is going to keep going up and up as the show, itself, gains popularity.

It features big personalities, like The Ringer’s Cousin Sal (who also hosts the Against All Odds podcast), plus Clay Travis and Todd Fuhrman of Fox Sports.


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