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2020-01-28 18:30
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7.5 51%
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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Player 2020 Masters Odds
Tiger Woods +900
Dustin Johnson +1000
Rory McIlroy +1000
Jordan Spieth +1200
Brooks Koepka +1400
Jon Rahm +1600
Justin Rose +1800
Justin Thomas +1800
Rickie Fowler +1800
Francesco Molinari +2000

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Betting on golf: Your Successful Start

Broadcasting tournaments live at the most convenient time of the day on television, attracting celebrities and many sponsors, have made golf so popular today. More than ever before, betting sites offer betting on the results of golf tournaments. Some people love golf for the beauty of a tactical game, full of intrigue, others for the opportunity to relax in the fresh air against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes, while others on the contrary condemn it for their slowness and exclusively club character. However, no matter what people think about golf, they cannot help but be impressed by the impressive turnover of money in this sport, because only equipment costs amount to more than $ 10 billion a year. Do you want to know how a beginner can increase his odds in golf betting?
Our advices can serve you as a sports betting guide. In particular, you will learn aspects, nuances and varieties of online bets and offers for such an elite sport as golf, learn about prestigious world golf tournaments.
With us, you will learn step by step how to make the best golf betting and for this we will provide you with:
  • information on golf rules and the meaning of special terms, since some tournaments have their own rules and option rules;
  • The most current information about the best safe online sportsbooks - golf offices and where to find the best odds. After all, if you use the services of exclusively legal bookmakers, you can count on the high reliability of the game and payments, and also be sure that disputes, if they arise, will be resolved fairly;
  • information on where to read the latest news and get acquainted with the exact statistics of the results of tournaments. After all, if before you make a bet, study objective forecasts from well-known golfers, you can increase your chances of winning, or at least avoid the risk of financial loss.

Few rules of golf and betting on it

Many centuries ago, among different nations, club and ball games were common, but golf in our current form began in Scotland. World golf today is an interesting and entertaining game, which is included in the program of the Olympic Games. Golf is played by rich and not very rich people of different ages, men and women, professional athletes and amateurs. It is in golf that players, for many centuries, adhere to unshakable, basic principles:
  • play the ball as it lay down;
  • play on the field as it is;
  • if neither one nor the other is impossible - act in fairness.
Professional golf tours are held in many regions of the world. The Asian, Australian, Japanese and Canadian tours are quite popular. However, it is better for newbie betters to focus on the main ones - this is the European tour and the American PGA tour. The European tour is held throughout the year (from January to November) and is not limited to the territories of Europe, but also covers South Africa, India, China, Australia and other countries. Please note that in 2019, the Professional Golf Association (PGA) fundamentally changed the calendar of tournaments, changing the dates of the Majors familiar to players and spectators. If earlier there was a two-month break between the most spectacular tournaments, then starting from the current year, one “Major” will be held in each month (April, May, June and July). Plus the fifth largest tournament, the unofficial fifth Major, in March.
In most cases, professional tournaments are four-day events with the goal of overcoming 72 holes. The tournament is divided into four rounds, and in their totality, the golfer who spent fewer hits on passing the fields wins. Sometimes tournaments are held with more rapid regulations, where golfers meet face-to-face through a knockout system.
“The R&A Rules Limited” is published once every four years and is international. They are accepted in any clubs in the world where they officially play golf. Of course, the “The R&A Rules Limited" is a very voluminous and complex document, which takes a lot of time to study, so we will focus only on important, basic positions that will allow us to outline the essence and rules of the game.
A golf course usually has 18 holes located on a relief area, which usually has various “hazards” - water, bumps, sand traps (bunkers), trees - which are designed to make it difficult to play. Changing distances between holes are also designed to increase the complexity of the game. The game on each hole begins in the starting area (tee court), with which the players make the first hit ("tee off") or "drive" the ball into the main zone (fairway). At the end of the field - there is a special, fairly short trimmed platform with a hole cut out in its center - a "lawn" (green) surrounding the hole itself, or a "cup" into which the ball must be driven to complete the hole.
Golf is often played in groups of 2 to 4 people, with each participant playing in turn with their own ball. The ball is played from the place where it lies, except in unusual cases when the rules allow you to move the ball to a slightly better position. There are two main types of game. So one kind of game is determined by the ratio of won or lost holes (“match game”). In a match meeting, points are compared after each hole, and the player wins, loses or shares (draw) each hole. Another type of game is “stroke competition”, that is the total number of strokes made to complete the circle and is recorded as the player’s score for this individual hole. The player who uses the least number of strokes to complete the field is the winner. Sometimes only 1-2 blows determine the outcome of a duel in a hole and you can already predict how many strokes a player will need. That is why more and more betters prefer to watch golf and bet with bookmakers.
Below we list the main events in the standings, i.e. those events for which you can choose the best betting offers.
  • The PGA (American Professional Golfers Association (PGA) tour), held in several US states, has a prize pool of approximately $ 1 million.
  • The FedEx Cup is a champion trophy for the PGA Tour, when at the end of the season playoff competitions for the top 125 players are held, in which 30 players compete for a prize pool of $ 10 million.
  • European Tour - an opportunity for leading European golfers to compete with the PGA, in addition, this tour is not limited to European countries but is also held in Asia and Africa. A prize pool of over £ 4 million.
  • "The Race to Dubai" competition is identical to the FedEx Cup. The main prize fund of more than $ 15 million, of which about $ 7.5 million are distributed among the top 15 in the list of players.
  • Champions Tour - the members are professional golfers older than 50 years. The $ 55 million prize pool is distributed between 26 events, which averages around $ 2 million.
  • LPGA is one of the few women's tournaments. Ladies Professional Golf Association is held in the form of PGA, and the prize fund is about $ 70 million.
Every beginner inevitably raises the question: which bookmaker is the best for betting on golf? It is not so easy to answer this question, because each of them uses different tactics and types of bets. The best online bookmakers provide their players with fairly high odds (with an indicator above 4.0) for additional game indicators, optimal limits, statistics and player results, and an important welcome bonus for newly registered players, as well as a convenient, intuitive interface. Almost all leading offices offer similar odds for golf. If the odds are high, then in case of victory the player receives a lot of money, if they are low, then the gain will be small. For example: if a bet is made on an outcome, the coefficient of which is 4.5, and the player bets 1000 $, then if the bet is played, he will receive 4500 $. Often, before prestigious tournaments, the odds can be artificially overestimated or underestimated.

Important things to draw attention

Here is an approximate list of outcome options and types of golf rates:
  • the bet on the winner of the tournament is a very attractive thing to do, has high odds, however, it will be quite difficult to predict which of the total number of players will take the first place. In order to predict the winner correctly, an experienced bettor must possess information about almost every potential favorite. Perhaps that is why betting on the winner of the tournament is not popular among beginners;
  • match-up - suggests guessing which of the two players will be higher in the standings. As a rule, a pair of golfers is determined by a bookmaker, so the better must analyze in detail and understand the situation with the hole;
  • total score of the first place - you need to guess the total number of points that golfer will win the entire tournament. Bookmaker can, as an option, set the number of points, and the player guesses whether the actual number of points will be more or less than this number;
  • the account of a specific player at some stage of the tournament;
  • leader of the first round. Based on high-quality statistics and knowledge of the balance of power among players, such a bet is very likely to win.

How to make best bets on golf

Experienced players identify several important factors, the presence of which becomes the basis of a successful golf betting strategy. Namely:
  • ratings of golfers, which reflect their objective strength. For example, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the world ranking among players on the Official World Golf website;
  • level of current physical and psychological readiness, presence of past injuries of players. You need to pay attention to the latest results in tournaments, and therefore do not bet on the golfer who did not take part in the fight for the prize in five past tournaments;
  • the effectiveness of the game in a particular field. The validity of this factor is confirmed by the English proverb "Horses for race tracks." This expression came from the world of horse racing, where everyone knows that some horses always perform better on certain tracks, racing circles, racecourses. In colloquial speech, this expression means that a certain employee must correspond to specific work. In other words, pay attention to the fact that some golfers can perform better in separate tournaments, since each field has its own characteristics, and “home” tournaments add confidence to players in their abilities. In addition, the topography of many well-known golf courses that host PGA or European tour competitions does not change over the years, so it will be advisable to note how the playing style of a particular athlete corresponds to the chosen tournament;
  • factor of weather conditions. Since golf tournaments are held in open areas, players with good long-range shots will perform better on a wet field, and in a dry field, golfers with a technical strike at short distances will come to the fore. In addition, while one of the players will play in the rain or in windy weather, which will not reduce his chances of making a good blow, the other will make his kick a little later when the weather conditions may change to more favorable;
  • player experience factor. For example, a golfer who even won the PGA or the European Tour once gets the opportunity than from two to five years to play in big tournaments, regardless of the current results. We can say this is an elite circle in which newcomers are not allowed to enter until the first serious victory, and eminent golfers, in fact, are masters of their schedule, without needing an extra fight to survive on the tour.
The next step is to consider what kind of statistics will be useful for winning a bet.
For example, on the PGA tour website, you can find a lot of statistical indicators and samples that can help in the formation of the bet. Here are the most important of them:
  • Driving Accuracy will help to obtain basic information about the reliability of strikes - this is the percentage of strokes of the golfer who reach the "working areas";
  • Driving Distance (the distance of movement on the field gives a basic idea of ​​the strength of the golfer’s blow, the average distance that the ball overcomes after hitting. This indicator is most important in open fields with a limited number of obstacles;
  • Greens in Regulation Percentage, GIR (hits the green with the estimated number of strokes), thanks to this statistical indicator, the skill of the player as a whole is evaluated. In other words, this is the percentage of golfer’s hits on the green for at least two hits before the pair (steam is the norm of the number of strokes for a particular route). Note that players with a high percentage of GIR in recent tournaments usually have a higher chance of winning, their golf is more stable and less stressful;
  • Putting Average (the average number of putts), the lower the Putting Average, the better. A putt is a hit performed on the green directly in front of the hole, a successful end to a masterfully performed game, because a good golfer must accurately the final stroke.
  • Scrambling, which demonstrates the ability of a golfer to get out of difficult situations. In other words, this is the percentage of success after the player missed the green within 50 yards. Golfers with high scrambling are ready to face troubles and even with some difficulties are able to stay in the race. On the contrary, poor scramblers are less stable and can quickly lose their composure on difficult routes.
Now let's try to summarize what are the nuances of golf betting.
Firstly, the majority of the audience and betting volume are attracted to the main world golf tournaments. The motivation for winning these tournaments among the players is very high, so it’s better to bet on favorites. It is worth considering that bookmakers thoroughly study the characteristics of players and their chances of winning in these tournaments.
Secondly, in tournaments of lower ranks, the margin of bookmakers is much higher, but incorrect odds are often present in the line. Some players may remain underestimated by bookmakers, which leads to the emergence of value factors, which means that if a bet is played it will bring significant income.
Thirdly, it is better for beginners to start betting in small tournaments, picking up a wide-line bookmaker, studying statistical information on players from these tournaments and looking for their latest interviews.

Key advice for your success

And finally, we advise you to adhere to the following order and make your first bet on golf:
  1. Read the reviews of the leading BC and make a balanced, thoughtful choice.
  2. Go through the registration, verification process and put the necessary amount of money into the account.
  3. Do not rush to immediately place a bet. First, evaluate the situation, read the analytical forecasts, select the player you want to bet on and find out as much information as possible about him.
  4. Decide what type of bet you will make and on what outcome.
  5. Fill out the bid form. Carefully double-check whether you entered your data correctly.
Golf is the quintessence of intelligence, excitement, sports, meditation, aesthetics, nature, and passing the field is a serious analytical task, the ability to easily juggle strategy and tactics. Remember that quite often unsuccessful in the recent past players win golf tournaments. Interest in golf betting in the world of gambling is growing steadily. The main thing is to imbue the philosophy of the game and you can be sure that bets will bring only positive emotions.
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