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Top Asian Sportsbooks

Asia is a vast area with nearly 4.5 billion people and 48 different nations. The legality of sports betting at Asia varies from country to country as you might anticipate. It also varies by kind, with in-person betting legal in some jurisdictions and online betting legal in others.
This article sets out the legal status of sports betting in the biggest and most popular gambling regions on the world's biggest and most populous country. In addition, it details the withdrawal and deposit methods available from the countries that have access to online sports betting. (Spoiler alert: that's all of these, even areas where online betting is not technically legal.)


Bangladesh's legislation makes nearly all forms of gambling prohibited, such as sports. It's debatable whether the Public Gambling Act, 1867 applies to put a wager online, because it was composed over 150 decades back and doesn't expressly mention online betting, but it is quite apparent that the action is meant to prohibit all forms of betting in the country, so it's quite probable that placing a bet online could be considered illegal.
That said, Bangladeshi laws have no authority over online betting sites that function in different jurisdictions, and the government does not seem to pursue citizens who merely bet at overseas online sportsbooks.
As a result, many betting sites provide their services to individuals from Bangladesh and many Bangladeshis make the most of those.
But anyone betting online in Bangladesh must be aware that the Public Gambling Act, 1867 contains penalties for anyone caught contravening the act, especially," a fine not exceeding one hundred takas or to imprisonment... for any term not exceeding a month."

How Do Bangladeshis Deposit And Withdraw Money?

For people in Bangladesh, the ideal way to deposit and draw to an online sportsbook is by using Neteller or Skrill, two electronic wallets (a.k.a." e-wallets") that essentially function like bank accounts.
Sites that accept players from Bangladesh take deposits from MasterCard and Visa, too, but Neteller is the commonly accepted method if it comes time to draw.
Signing up for an e-wallet is relatively straightforward. Once set up, you will have the ability to quickly transfer money online between the accounts along with your sportsbook. You will have the ability to draw the money in the accounts directly Once you receive the card associated with your e-wallet.


The laws of mainland China (i.e. not such as Hong Kong and Macau) ban almost all types of gambling, such as online sports gambling. The only exceptions are government-run gambling terminals and lotteries.
The Chinese government has taken steps to limit access to online betting sites, though many residents have discovered ways around this (generally by buying a VPN) and many online sportsbooks hosted in foreign countries offer their services to people in China.
Be aware, however, that people in China who are captured using betting sites are subject to a selection of penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

Do Chinese Residents Deposit And Withdraw Money?

Not easily, is the short answer. The authorities prevent and strictly govern transactions with internet sportsbooks. As with many nations in Asia, the best option for bettors that are Chinese is most likely an e-wallet, for example, Neteller or Skrill.
You need to be able to deposit and withdraw, usually in your choice of US dollars or Chinese yuan As soon as your wallet is set up.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong provides more government-run gaming and betting choices than mainland China, however - such as the mainland - Hong Kong prohibits online sports betting, including both in sportsbooks situated in Hong Kong and at those hosted in overseas authorities.
This means it is technically illegal for people in Hong Kong to bet at online sportsbooks, whether those betting sites are located in Hong Kong or otherwise.
In practice, many gaming websites provide their services to individuals in Hong Kong, without being prosecuted and they are used by Hong Kong residents. But in theory, people who do so run the chance of eight months' imprisonment or a $30,000 fine if caught.

Can Hong Kong Residents Deposit And Withdraw Money?

If you've got a major credit card like Visa or MasterCard depositing should be relatively simple. But withdrawing might be more tricky.
Unlike most other Asian regions, Neteller isn't readily available for people in Hong Kong to make transfers to or from online gambling sites. It seems, though, that Skrill remains an option for Hong Kong bettors (based on which site is being used) and it offers its services in Hong Kong dollars.
Additional Hong Kong deposit and draw choices include wire transfers, MoneyGram, UKash, and cheque. But which of those are available will depend on what website you're betting at. Be sure your website of choice delivers a suitable withdrawal option before you deposit.


Online sports betting has found a home in India, even though the country's laws ban virtually all forms of gambling. Not one of the centuries-old betting legislation in India prohibits placing wagers online along with the laws of this land don't have any program to sportsbooks hosted outside of the country. Therefore, placing a bet in a foreign online sportsbook seems to be absolutely fine.
Even if the laws could be interpreted as prohibiting online gaming, there's absolutely no infrastructure in place for prosecuting or punishing offenders. The final result is that online gambling is massively popular in India, and Indians have access to a wide variety of online sports betting options.

How Can Indians Deposit And Withdraw Money?

The ideal deposit and withdrawal option for Indians at internet sportsbooks is probably an e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill. Most betting sites will take credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) from Indian residents, but Indian banking laws may lead to transactions being diminished.
Between both popular e-waller alternatives, Neteller is preferred over Skrill because the fees connected with depositing/withdrawing Indian rupees appear to be lower, and Neteller is more widely accepted across sportsbooks, permitting bettors to transfer funds from one site to another.


For Muslims in Malaysia, Sharia law prohibits all betting. But for the rest of the population, online gambling falls to a legal loophole, and there is nothing which makes it illegal for Malaysians to place bets at offshore sportsbooks, though other betting-related actions are banned, such as operating a gambling site/house, whether live or online.
Virtually every half-decent sportsbook accepts Malaysian gamers, and given the legal framework, the result is that online betting is hugely popular in Malaysia. There is little to no risk of being arrested, prosecuted, or fined only for putting a few bets on the internet at an overseas sportsbook.
Really, many sportsbooks encourage Malaysian players by processing withdrawals and deposits in ringgit.

How Can Malaysians Deposit And Withdraw Money?

Like those in India, Malaysians frequently find it tough to deposit and withdraw by credit card not since gambling sites do not offer you such transactions to Malaysian bettors, but because local financial institutions often decline withdrawals and deposits by Visa and MasterCard.
The better option for Malaysians, like most Asian players, is an e-wallet like Neteller. But it's far from the only real option available. An alternative that's uniquely popular in Malaysia is EntroPay, which acts like an online bank account with a prepaid Visa Card attached to it. Considering that the prepaid Visa is not associated with a Malaysian bank, there is no middleman to decline the transaction.


Macau is widely known as a gaming haven. That is mainly for in-person gaming, however, not online sports wagering. The laws of Macau don't address online betting. While the lack of a legal framework is presumed to imply that conducting an online gaming website in Macau is illegal, the act of placing a wager online at a foreign sportsbook isn't.
Because of this, Macanese people can generally gamble online at offshore sportsbooks without stressing that they are contravening any regional legislation.
Online sportsbooks have long recognized the appetite for betting in Macau and made their products available to Macanese, with nearly all the top sportsbooks offering their solutions in Cantonese.

How Can Macau Residents Deposit And Withdraw Money?

Macau is one of the very few Asian regions where Neteller is inaccessible for internet deposits and withdrawals. Fortunately, many different choices are available, such as credit cards (both Visa and MasterCard). Based on which site you are using, the following may also be listed as deposit and withdrawal options:
  • Skrill
  • Cheque
  • EntroPay
  • Wire transfers
No matter which option you pick, should you deposit in Macanese pataca, your funds will be converted to a different currency, usually US dollars, and you'll likely find that the conversion results on your accounts with a little less than expected. This is the nature of currency exchange.


Like many nations, the Philippines bans non-government entities from providing sports betting to taxpayers, but it does not have any legislation that directly addresses if residents are permitted to place bets online at overseas sportsbooks.
In 2012, the courts found that the absence of such a ban means that gambling online at offshore sites is perfectly fine, and Filipinos have no shortage of betting sites to pick from.
Many Filipinos choose offshore sportsbooks instead of government-sanctioned choices because the odds are more beneficial in almost every situation. One experienced bettor recounted the following discrepancy in chances: "The opening weekend of English Premier League,'' [the government option] was offering: Arsenal 1.36, Sunderland 10.00, and Draw 4.80. Shopping around with betting websites I was able to find better odds on all three selections. This comprised of Arsenal 1.40... Draw 5.14 and Sunderland 10.13."

Can Filipinos Deposit And Withdraw Money?

If you're in the Philippines and convinced that an online sportsbook is your option, you'll be able to cash out in myriad ways and to begin.
Though you could find should you deposited with Neteller, you may only draw via Neteller, Neteller is one of the alternatives. As well, especially for deposits and, given that the courts have said using foreign sportsbooks is legal, Filipinos are not as prone to get their credit card transactions, credit cards are usually accepted.
Depending on which site you are using from the Philippines, the options that are next may be available:
  • Skrill
  • Cheque
  • Wire transfer
  • MoneyGram
  • Click2Pay


Thanks to 2014's Remote Gambling Actgambling in Singapore is illegal except throughout Singapore Turf Club and the Singapore Pools. Betting in any offshore sportsbooks is a contravention of the law and may land you or visit you get fined tens of thousands of dollars.
The government has taken steps to enforce its ban from being obtained within the nation, by blocking many sportsbooks.
Sportsbooks are clever and are always adapting, and online choices are still found by individuals in Singapore, which they're highly encouraged to use as sportsbooks offer better odds than Singapore Pools.

Can Singapore Residents Withdraw And Deposit Money?

Likely due to the government controls, you can add Singapore where Neteller and Skrill are inaccessible for online sports betting. But options are still available for people who are eager to run afoul of laws that are a neighborhood.
In case you have a Visa or MasterCard, websites which permit users from Singapore will generally accept them. Whether your institution blocks the trade is another matter.
Because of the controls, Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular in Singapore due to its anonymity. Without a middleman that is third-party, there is not any you to block the trade. Not all the available sportsbooks provide it as a deposit and withdrawal method yet but expect it to become increasingly popular with the websites, themselves, due to the anonymous nature and low prices (compared to credit card companies such as Visa).

South Korea

Korean law prohibits kinds of betting. Unless utilizing one of the state-run enterprises - Sports Proto or Sports Toto nationals aren't legally permitted to wager on sports.
If they are in Korea, either that doesn't just mean.No matter where they are in the world, no matter which website they are using (save for your bookmarking websites ), it's illegal for Koreans to wager on sports online.
Obviously, Koreans can simply be penalized for gambling abroad as soon as they return to Korea, but there have been cases of that.
Regardless of the government's best attempts to limit access and the pretty clear framework, many sportsbooks are readily available to Koreans. While punishing and catching the ordinary punter isn't a concern for the authorities, residents who use offshore sportsbooks do this at their peril.

Can South Koreans Withdraw And Deposit Money?

Placing aside the legality issue, e-wallets (Neteller, Skrill) are among the greatest choices for depositing and withdrawing cash for Koreans using online sportsbooks. Given the nature of the activity, the institutions often block payments with credit cards and bank transfers.
Nevertheless, e-wallets won't be the only option available to gamers. It's only one of the very dependable choices.
Bitcoin is just another choice for Koreans, but it's not as widely supported as e-wallets yet.


The online betting situation of Thailand is not as strictly enforced, although a lot like Singapore. That is to say, online betting anywhere other is prohibited, and authorities go so far as to obstruct access to offshore sportsbooks.
On the other hand, the police in Thailand are much less diligent than in Singapore and much concerned about taxpayers. Therefore, individuals in Thailand have access to many internet sportsbooks over their neighbors in Singapore - as the authorities normally turn a blind eye, they are used by them with minimal worry about prosecution.
One website estimates that as few as 10 people each year (all located in the capital of Bangkok) are detained due to their involvement with internet gambling, whereas the amount of Thai people who use such sites is in the tens of thousands. Still, it's illegal and there's danger of punishment if caught.
Many websites promote and facilitate Thai consumers by processing deposits and withdrawals.

How Can Thailand Residents Withdraw And Deposit Money?

The very popular deposit and withdrawal methods for Thai bettors are Visa, e-wallets (like Neteller and Skrill), and EntroPay (essentially an online bank account that you can connect to your prepaid credit card).
Some websites will even accept EcoPayz, MasterCard, and bank transfers.
As with other jurisdictions where online is technically illegal, trades which must go through a financial institution as a middleman are blocked. Be sure if you are intending to deposit in particular, by credit card to have a backup option in mind.
Proxy Betting (a.k.a. Betting Brokers) As noted in the sections above, as you might have experienced in real life, many Asian countries restrict access to online sites. This can result in an unfortunate situation for bettors, i.e., they're not able to make the most of the greatest chances.
As state-run betting choices often have a higher vigorish than sportsbooks this can make a difference, meaning bettors have to triumph at a much higher speed so as to be profitable.
Proxy betting (or betting brokerages) is a possible solution for this issue, but punters should tread carefully.
Proxy betting means betting through a middle-man (or middle-woman) who's physically located in a region that has access to this sportsbook that you want to use. You speak with the proxy by way of the telephone or the internet and inform him/her of which bets you'd like to put.
The proxy then puts the stakes in trade for a set fee or a commission for you. This allows players to capitalize on the best odds available no matter where they live.
Proxy betting over Skype (also called"Skype gambling") is, in particular, getting more and more common, and lots of online sites profess to provide proxy betting.
Trust is paramount in proxy gambling. Don't simply sign up and use the site you visit. Be sure to do your research, read reviews, and just use reliable services that are proxy-betting. Make sure before transferring any money for becoming compensated, the procedure is clearly set out and makes sense.

Crucial Factors in Choosing a Sportsbook

Regardless of where in Asia you reside, chances are that you will have options when it is time to select at an online sportsbook.
Our research suggests that the four main variables are the following:
  1. Safety/Anonymity: Since so many countries in Asia render it illegal to use offshore sportsbooks, locating a website that will keep your private data secure and can process transactions in a way that does not hand over banking information to third parties is often a big concern.
  2. Accessibility: Obviously you need your sportsbook. Accessibility is more than simply access that is bare. Users want to be able to log-in from anywhere these days the time of the stage or day. It is becoming increasingly common for bettors to make wagers .
  3. Ease of Use: Can the sportsbook you're considering have a look? Does this provide its services in your favorite language? Is it clear the way to withdraw and deposit? All the above will affect just how enjoyable your experience is as an internet bettor.
  4. Variety of Sports sports. Possessing a wide variety of markets to choose from, such as those that are uniquely popular in your country, is a big part of finding the sportsbook that is right for you.