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Top African Betting Websites

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Top African Betting Websites

Online sports gambling may be a relatively new arrival to Africa - compared to the USA, the united kingdom, and Asia that is - but it is making up for its history with an enormous and speedy growth, as Africa has grown into one of the most rapidly expanding online gambling markets in the world.
Below, we look at the six states which are very particularly hearty havens for African punters: there's the recognized marketplace in South Africa; the stirring lions of Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda; and"the Giant of Africa," also known as Nigeria.
Below, we detail the gambling framework in each country, answering the following questions:
  • Is online gambling legal?
  • Do citizens deposit and withdraw money?
  • Can cellular devices be used to bet online?
  • What are the most popular sports to wager on in the country?


Is online gambling legal in Ghana?

The brief answer is yes. The laws of Ghana are lenient when it comes to gaming and anybody over the age of 18 can place a wager.
In concept, Ghana's gaming industry (which includes sports gambling ) is governed by the 2006 Gaming Act, which requires operators to be accredited from the Ghana Gaming Commission. On the other hand, the law does a poor job of covering online gambling and, as such, Ghana remains a Wild West-type frontier for offshore sportsbooks: there is not really anything preventing them from offering their solutions to Ghanaians, therefore many take Ghanaian users without enrolling and paying tax in the nation.
There's no answer about if these sportsbooks are secure or not. It depends on the website. Large, reputable operators, like 888Sport and Bet365, tend to be safe. But be sure to read our sportsbook reviews before you sign-up and deposit your money at any site. (One factor to always look for is that the website is licensed in its home jurisdiction)
Since the nation passed its latest sports-betting laws in 2006, many licensed operators in the country have begun offering online sports betting in addition to their brick-and-mortar corner stores. These include MyBet, Premier Betting, Betway Ghana, and Safaribet, among others.
Any Ghanaians who are unsure about using an offshore sportsbook - or only want to be certain the sportsbook they're utilizing pays tax to the Ghanaian government - may want to visit those local options.

Do Ghanaians deposit and withdraw cash?

Major credit cards like MasterCard and Visa are nearly universally accepted deposit options. Most will take transfers to and from e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.
Airtel Money and MTN Mobile Money are also common options. They are as soon as you have money on your Airtel or MTN account, you can move it to and out of other bank accounts, other Airtel/MTN users, and any sportsbook that supports Airtel/MTN.
Ghanaians will also have the ability to use bank/wire transfers at some sites, however, that is a less common option. It's mostly only the locally-run sportsbooks that take bank transfers from Ghanaian banks (for example, CAL Bank).

Can Ghanaians bet on their own devices?

They sure can. Both unlicensed offshore sportsbooks as well as also the locally-run sportsbooks have cellular betting choices. As you will notice in another country sections on this webpage, African betting sites tend to have a huge cellular focus as internet-accessible mobile phones are more common than, say, desktops on many portions of the continent.
One sportsbook, Dreambet, also facilitates sports betting via SMS (i.e. text message).
Which are the most well-known sports to wager on in Ghana? Soccer, in particular, that the English Premier League, dominates the sports-betting marketplace in Ghana, just like it does in most of the other countries covered below.
As sports-betting rose in popularity, there was a noticeable decrease in interest from the local soccer leagues, unfortunately. But lately, a number of the Ghanaian-run sportsbooks have begun offering wagers on the Ghanaian soccer leagues, expecting to boost the popularity.
In addition to soccer, Ghanaians frequently bet online basketball, soccer, boxing, and tennis.


Is online gambling legal in Kenya?

The answer is yes. The Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act (1966) established the Betting Control and Licensing Board (the"Board") and gave it the power to issue licenses to sportsbooks. If a sportsbook, whether brick-and-mortar or on the internet, is accredited, it might legally operate in Kenya.

If a sportsbook isn't licensed, any surgeries in Kenya are illegal.

The Board has licensed numerous sportsbooks to function within the country, including SportPesa, Betway, JustBet, Betin, and many others. The general populace of Kenya has taken advantage, and SportPesa alone boasts over one million users, based on a 2017 post by Zipporah Nyambura.
They are not the sole sportsbooks that accept Kenya users, however. Many offshore sites are accessible within the nation and perfectly happy to take Kenyans as players.
Beneath the strict letter of this law, offering such unlicensed solutions to individuals in Kenya isn't legal. But, it isn't something the government is apparently concerned with. The police aren't"breaking" so to speak by restricting access or prosecuting offenders.
Because of this, bettors in Kenya may feel quite confident that utilizing an offshore sportsbook (that isn't licensed in Kenya, itself) won't land them in trouble with the law. As long as the sportsbook is authorized in its authority and has a good reputation for safety and security, your bankroll should not be under any danger.

How can Kenyans deposit and withdraw money at online gambling sites?

The deposit and withdrawal options available to Kenyans will vary significantly from site to site.
The Kenyan-run sites, such as SportPesa, tend to prefer M-Pesa, a mobile-based money transfer service. Players make an M-Pesa accounts, deposit money to that account from, say, a more traditional bank account, then move the money in the M-Pesa account to the sportsbook.
Withdrawing is just as straightforward. Players request a drawback to their M-Pesa accounts and may then either leave the balance in that account (as they would a conventional bank accounts ) or transfer it elsewhere, potentially even straight to retailers.
At offshore sportsbooks, the more globally-recognized deposit and withdrawal options are somewhat more common. Visa and MasterCard, in particular, are widely accepted, as are e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill.E-wallets function identically to M-Pesa, they're simply not Kenya-specific.
Players seeking to deposit large sums (which may transcend credit card limitations ) will be happy to know that bank transfers are also broadly accepted from Kenyan players.
Those on a budget in the opposite end of the spectrum may generally take advantage of pre-paid credit and debit cards.

Can Kenyans bet on their own mobile devices?

Yes.Unequivocally yes.
Not only are all the significant offshore sportsbooks mobile-friendly these days, but the Kenyan-run websites can also be available on mobile phones. Really, registering SportPesa means signing up under your phone number.
The huge growth of this Kenyan gaming marketplace can largely be attributed to this particular accessibility. By 2019, the gross earnings of the Kenyan gaming marketplace are expected to rise to over $50 million USD, according to The Daily Nation.
What are the most popular sports to wager on in Kenya European football/soccer is responsible for the Vast Majority of the gambling revenue in Kenya, especially the English Premier League, Spain's La Liga, and the UEFA Champions League.
The secondary sports include rugby, cricket, and boxing. Lately, there has also been a proliferation of esports gambling, but this remains a fledgling market in contrast.

South Africa

Is online gambling legal in South Africa?

In comparison to other African countries, South Africa's regulatory framework for internet gambling is quite robust.
South Africa, like many countries, takes a legal-but-heavily-regulated strategy to online gambling, meaning that there are numerous legal choices for South Africans looking to place a bet on the internet, however, in addition, there are a host of illegal betting activities which could result in penalties.
As in Kenya, sportsbooks in South Africa must be licensed to operate legally in the nation. But unlike in Kenya, the South African governments take a hands-on Strategy. Sportsbooks that operate without a license are equally subject to jail time penalties, and confiscation of capital.
The accredited sites in South Africa include BetWay,, BetVictor, SportingBet, and BettingWorld. Again, however, many sites that are unlicensed make their services available to South Africans. The capacity for stiff penalties (up of R10 million) does not behave as a deterrent because they have no physical existence in the country and authorities of these penalties is basically not possible.
The exact same can not be said for using gambling 43, and while there's not a history of prosecution, the law is clear in regards to the legality and penalties.

How can South Africans withdraw and deposit cash?

Visa and MasterCard are the most well-known options at South African sportsbooks. Players can benefit from direct deposits to and from leading South African banks, such as First National Bank and Standard Bank.
E-wallets like Skrill and NetTeller will also be accepted at virtually all online websites that cater to players that were African.
Some websites also accept ApplePay/iPay, EntroPay, and Paysafecard (formerly UKash).

Can South Africans bet on their devices?

Bettors can play along in their mobile devices.
It should be said that some sites will not offer their full record of services in their platforms. For instance, while all sites allow you to place wagers on your phone, you might have to use the total site to be able to e.g. make a withdrawal petition, maintain a bonus, or take advantage of the various customer service options (such as live chat windows).
Players who value mobile betting should explain before signing up what attributes will probably be unavailable and how much of the site will be accessible on the platform.

What are the most popular sports to bet on in South Africa?

While football/soccer is hugely popular in South Africa, it does not dominate the market as it does in many African nations, and that's thanks to the similarly enormous popularity of both rugby and cricket.
With the success of South African Americans like Ernie Els on the world stage, golf (both the PGA and European Tour) has become another popular alternative.


Is online gambling legal in Nigeria?

The legislation surrounding sports and gaming betting in Nigeria are cloudy in comparison to places like South Africa. The Criminal Code prohibits all forms of gambling that aren't specifically allowed and sets out penalties for those who run illegal betting operations and people who utilize them (~40 Naira good for the latter).
On the other hand, the current laws make no real mention of online gambling websites, so the legal framework for internet sports betting must be inferred and extrapolated.
To be brief, the situation is probably as follows: Nigerians who use offshore sportsbooks which don't have an active license in Nigeria are likely breaking the law and could be subject to a small finenevertheless, authorities appear to care little about use of such websites and there's little to no possibility of prosecution just by virtue of putting bets at an internet sportsbook hosted in the UK, Central America, or elsewhere.
If the statistics are any indication, indeed, few Nigerians fret about this whatsoever.It had been estimated that, as far back as 2014, upwards of 60 million Nigerians were betting on a daily basis, and much of the action was taking place at offshore sportsbooks.
Nevertheless, those who prefer an extremely cautious approach might want to look to a few of the many licensed Nigerian sportsbooks, for example, Bet9ja, Bet365Naija, and NairaBet.

How can Nigerians deposit and withdraw cash at online sites?

Nigerians face a climb when it comes to depositing cash on sportsbooks that are online that are Nigerian-run. Neteller and Skrill, the e-wallets favored by so many betting sites, were normally inaccessible to Nigerian residents previously, but this situation may be changing.
Based on the website, Nigerians may also be able to take advantage of a similar e-wallet service known as Click2Pay, or Paysafecard (formerly known as UKash).
If utilizing an offshore sportsbook, the choices will be plentiful, and will in almost all cases include Visa, MasterCard, and wire transfer.

Can Nigerians wager on their devices?

Absolutely. The growing popularity of sports betting in Nigeria is mainly founded on cellular betting, and the sportsbooks understand it. The ease with which anyone with a mobile device can put a wager is what has resulted in the staggering number of Nigerians (about 30% of the populace ) putting sports wagers on a normal basis.Whether using an offshore sportsbook or a sportsbook, Nigerians will be able to put a bet.
As in all nations, which parts of the website are available on mobile will vary from site to site. All websites will allow you to wager and deposit.Withdrawals will be facilitated by fewer on cellular. (It's almost like they want you to keep your cash in the sportsbook!)

What are the most well-known sports to bet on in Nigeria?

Is, far and away, the most popular game for bettors in Nigeria. Within that, the English Premier League is the dominant force.
Soccer is just one of many selections. NBA basketball is just another option that is popular using Al-Farouq Aminu and Giannis Antetokounmpo both possessing citizenship - as are cricket, rugby, and tennis.
A few market sports, for example, bandy and floorball, are gaining popularity in the Nigerian sites.


Is online gambling legal in Tanzania?

Yes, once the government amended the existing legislation bring online operators under the licensing regime and to account for internet gambling, online gambling has effectively been lawful in Tanzania for well over a decade and has been governed since 2012.
This licensing system is presently conducted by the Gaming Board of Tanzania, which issued its first license to an online operator at 2013 (
Despite being ahead of the curve (relative to other African nations) when it comes to licensing online sports-betting websites, there continue to be quite a few websites which are actually licensed in Tanzania, itself. (SportPesa and MBet are two such websites.)
Yet, exactly like in most of the nation's myriad overseas sportsbooks offer residents their services without obtaining a permit from Tanzania's Gaming Board.
They do so because it is cheaper than going through the bureaucratic hoops of acquiring a permit as they don't tend to get resources in the authority and because they run little risk of punishment.
The overall consensus is the fact that currency bettors need not fear prosecution for utilizing offshore websites. Otherwise or legal, the government is not concerned with penalizing individual bettors.
Whether unlicensed, offshore sites are secure for Tanzanians depends on which site is at issue. As in most countries, the options offered to Tanzanians run the gamut. Be sure to read extensive sportsbook reviews and also do the background research prior to depositing cash and signing up.

How do Tanzanians withdraw and deposit cash?

Major credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa, and occasionally American Express, are accepted at most websites.
Prepaid credit and debit cards are an option at both sites and sportsbooks.
In the novels, e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill are usually offered. Whereas, in the locally run websites, mobile money transfer providers (Vodacom M-Pesa, Airtel Money, etc.) are remarkably popular.
For the locally run websites which also have bodily brick-and-mortar locations (such as Premier Bet Tanzania), there's also a"voucher" system, which requires going into the land-based place, purchasing said voucher, and then using the voucher to make an internet deposit at the operator's website.

Can Tanzanians bet in their own devices?

Absolutely. Almost all the websites available to Tanzanians - both local and offshore - make it pretty darn easy to place wagers from a mobile device.
According to Fredrick Boshe, mobile devices have market penetration in Tanzania, much greater than many countries. So it is no surprise that Tanzanian betting sites are focused on mobile choices.

What are the most well-known sports to bet on in Tanzania?

Have we said that football has become the game? That holds true in Tanzania, especially, with the biggest European leagues, i.e. the English Premier League, La Liga, (Spain) Bundesliga (Germany), and Champions League, getting the most action.
Basketball and boxing are the secondary markets in the nation, with rugby gaining in popularity too.


Is online gambling legal in Uganda?

Yes, online gaming is legal in Uganda for anybody aged 25 and over. Gambling
The legal framework in Uganda is somewhat akin to Ghana: in theory, the laws of this land (especially the Lotteries and Gaming Bill, 2013) demand sportsbooks to have a license in order to offer their solutions to Ugandans. But it's not clear how regulations apply to overseas sportsbooks and there isn't any actual enforcement effort/mechanism to prevent offshore sportsbooks.
As such, many offshore sportsbooks are available to users. Evidently, as they don't have to go through a licensing procedure, there is no guarantee that these websites are scrutinized by any regulatory body for both security and safety. As in Ghana, if a site is safe depends entirely on which site you are using. (This is not the only thing to search for, but one general principle is to make sure to only use sites that are at least accredited in their home country.)
Along with unlicensed offshore sportsbooks, Ugandans have access to about 40 registered sports-betting companies, according to are just land-based, so there are myriad licensed choices for Ugandan bettors but a few have an internet presence.

Do Ugandans withdraw and deposit money?

Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard specifically ) are widely accepted by both foreign sportsbooks and Ugandan-based sportsbooks.
Bank transfers are rather commonly accepted, as well, particularly from local banks (like Stanbic and Barclays of Uganda) into Ugandan sportsbooks.
As in most African nations, money transfer services that are cellular are an option at many places, both online and brick-and-mortar. These include Airtel Money and MTN Mobile Money (which are described in a little more detail from the Ghana section, above).
For local sports-betting operators that have both an online and offline presence, Ugandans may also benefit from a"voucher" system, like in neighboring Tanzania (see above).It's not terribly convenient, though, since it requires going into one of those operator's land-based locations, buying a"voucher," and then using the info on that voucher to perform a deposit in your online account with this operator.
If it comes to the offshore websites, if you do not have a major credit card, it may be worthwhile to get an e-wallet (Neteller, Skrill, etc.) since they're widely accepted for both deposits and withdrawals. Prepaid debit cards (such as EntroPay) are typical, also.

Can Ugandans wager in their own devices?

Another yes! All Ugandan sites, whether based in the nation or overseas, have a mobile betting option nowadays. As in the rest of the continent, cellular seems to be the fastest-growing industry of the Ugandan market, with cheap smartphones from China.

What are the most popular sports to wager on in Uganda?

Football is king in Uganda. It is also prince queen, princess, and court jester. The significant European leagues get most of the action, nowadays, but books will also be offering wagers on the leagues, also.
There aren't firm numbers out there in terms of manage, however, basketball the popular game to wager on in the nation, whilst rugby and boxing are also high on the list.